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About Us

Welcome to Shreerang Jewellers, where we have been celebrating the art of fine jewelry for 19 magnificent years. Founded in 2005, our journey began with a vision to provide trendy jewellery, which are tradition yet modern and need of the hour, which also capture the essence of elegance and personal style. From our humble beginnings as a small boutique, we have grown into a cherished destination for jewelry lovers, thanks to our unwavering commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service.
Established for 19 years, Shreerang Jewellers has been a trusted destination for exquisite jewelry pieces that reflect timeless elegance and impeccable craftsmanship. We offer a curated selection of fine jewelry that caters to every style and occasion.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Values

Story So Far...



Left his hometown and came to the city of dreams “Ahmedabad”. It was the inception time. At that time there was not even a thought of shreerang Jewellers. He chose the field which nobody in his family has been chosen before. It was a challenging part too.


Learn it to Earn it

In this period of journey, he has learned about the jewellery industry. He worked for 2 years at a jewellery showroom in ahmedabad. The Owner of the shop has played a vital role in starting of Shreerang Jewellers. He advised through the point that why don’t you open your own shop, You are surely capable of it and you deserve it. These sentences from the boss, you are working under has changed the view and state of mind. The really supportive person in my life. So, he started to follow that advice.


Opening of SRJ

With the help from his family and former boss, It was the perfect and best day in his life, which was the opening day of “Shreerang Jewellers”. In reality it was but the hard work for this started long ago. “શ્રીરંગ જવેલર્સ – સોના નો શણગાર, રૂપા નો રણકાર”


The Milestone

In this year, Shreerang Jewellers become the reputed and trusted name in the industry. As it becomes the bank approver. Shreerang Jewellers is certified jeweller now, which has become the Approver for ICICI bank for jewelleries.


The Brand Shreerang Jewellers

Shreerang Jewellers has become the brand now, it’s been 14 years from now. From the day started and today, Shreerang Jewellers has increased the range of designed collection products available in different ranges. Specialized in Jadtar Jewellery and also a popular name for Wedding Jewellery collection. Shreerang Jewellers design the jewellery as per the client’s requirement. Shreerang Family, it’s the term that display what we have achieved so far. This family has grown & become a brand. “SHREERANG JEWELLERS”.


Second Showroom Opening

After years of dedication, hard work and with the support of Shreerang Jewellers family members. we have opened a second showroom at satadhar, ahmedabad.

New feather of achievement added to the list of Shreerang Jewellers. Many more to come…..


Celebrating 19 Glorious Years…

A Journey of Craftsmanship, Elegance, and Trust

This year marks a significant milestone for Shreerang Jewellers as we celebrate 19 wonderful years of serving you with exquisite jewelry. It’s been an incredible journey filled with creativity, dedication, and the joy of seeing our customers shine in our pieces. Its been incredible journey so far & more to come….

Our Team

Piyush Thakkar


Founder of Shreerang Jewellers